Job Shadowing - SnapShot with Raya

Job Shadowing - SnapShot with Raya

About the Internship

Raya’s very unique job shadowing program!

You’ll get a chance to meet some of our professionals in the career field of your choice, taking a SnapShot and gaining a real life perspective on what work in that career track looks like!

Raya Snapshot - Job Shadowing Program

Apply now for any of the career fields below:

1. Finance Track: Investor Relations

How should a company be strategically positioned with analysts, investors and all stakeholders & how should the appropriate strategy, framework, and tactics, as well as a compelling investor relations roadmap be developed are all questions relating to the investor relations career track in Finance which you will get an opportunity to further explore by applying for the IR track at SnapShot.

2. Human Resources Track: Talent Management

Talent Management is the function in the organizations responsible for designing and implementing programs for performance management, leadership development, employee assessment, and succession planning all in an effort to attract, evaluate and develop an organization’s talents. Get a chance to take a SnapShot and further explore this career field by applying to the Talent Management track at SnapShot.

3. IT Track: Advanced Services

The advanced services department is the technical arm at Raya IT, responsible for the implementation and support of the market’s major projects and housing some of the industry’s top notch professionals. Raya IT advanced services team covers different technologies with the goal of leading the market through the highest level of partnership with different vendors across these technologies, get to know more about the advanced services provided and take a SnapShot with Raya IT.

4. Marketing Track: Online & Offline

How do you identify the strategies and techniques used to attract customers to a business, help maximize a firm’s profits, and grow a business’ market share are just some of the aspects that you will be exposed to by applying now to our Marketing track at SnapShot.

Internship Requirements

  • Participants who are in their third year at university
  • Participants who are in their fourth year at university
  • Graduates with up to two years of experience
  • Participants with a strong academic record
  • Participants with strong extra-curricular activities participation
  • Participants who are keen on continuous learning

Internship Details

  • Seniority Level Internship
  • Employment Type Temporary
  • Location : Sixth of October, Al Jizah, Egypt