ADIB Bank Careers | Teller

ADIB Bank Careers | Teller

Job Description

The teller operations role is the front end of the organisation involving direct interaction with customers. The role serves as a one point interface for most customers for their daily banking needs and also involves some of the most critical banking requirements including cash and vault management.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receive and process cash / cheque deposits from customers.
  • Process all cash/ operational transactions within limits that can’t be affected at Self- Service Zone.
  • Verifying customers’ signatures within limit and obtain proper verification for over limit.
  • Process special instructions concerning TDs & all sundries transactions.
  • Handle customer inquiries/ issues & escalating complaints to Operation Head.
  • Ability to handle large volumes of cash.

Job Requirements

  • (G11) 0-2 Fresh graduates may also be considered at lower entry level grades.
  • (G12) 2-4 years banking or similar experience, preferably in the financial services industry;
  • Enhanced communication skills (Oral & written)
  • Interpersonal, problem-solving, analytical and networking skills across various functions.
  • Strong customer service orientation and quality management skills.
  • Good accounting knowledge and numerical ability.

Job Details

Company: ADIB Egypt
Employment Type: Full-time
Location:  Merry Land - Salah Salem - Korba - New Cairo