Rise Graduate Program - Raya

Rise Graduate Program - Raya

Internship Description

Rise graduate program is Raya's annual program for fresh talent with 0 - 2 years of experience to go through a unique journey! Every 3 months you rotate in a different department or company to get a hands-on exposure which will excel your career. The program starts in January 2022, what tracks do we have this year?

Rise Graduate Program - Raya

Register now to one of the following tracks:

Finance Track

The Finance department at Raya is an integral part of its success. The scope of work tackles all the financial management aspects including, but not limited to, accounting, planning, budgeting, costing and analysis.

Sales Track

The Sales scope includes building solid partnerships with Raya Auto's customers, enhancing their experience, build and grow online sales activities, building a pipeline for potential customers, and observe market trends for better market forecasts.

Human Resources Track

The HR scope includes, attracting and acquiring talents, developing potential employees, leveraging peoples’ capabilities, engaging employees and retaining our talents by offering a nourishing work environment. 

Supply Chain Track

The Supply Chain scope includes developing and maintaining good relationships with vendors and distributors as well as shaping the overall supply chain and logistics strategy to have a streamlined process and increased efficiency.

Business Development Track

The Business Development department at Raya Food Trading plays a vital role in shaping its strategy. The scope includes analyzing market trends and coming up with insights that support the business in seeking opportunities for growth and expansion.

Online Sales Track

The online sales scope is mainly focused on deriving revenue from partnering with different online platforms and making sure that our products are offered on the right platforms. The Sales Riser will be responsible for building and growing Raya Food Trading online exposure and observing market trends for better decision making.

Internship Requirements

We are looking for self-motivated and highly active fresh graduates that want to gain experience in any of the above mentioned tracks. 

If you have the below qualifications, then don't hesitate to apply:

  • Strong academic record
  • Bachelor degree in a relevant field
  • Previously engaged in extra-curricular activities
  • Perfect command of both English and Arabic
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Shows commitment to results
  • Has a passion for continuous learning
  • Maximum 2 years of experience, fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.