Samsung Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي فى شركة سامسونج

Samsung Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي فى شركة سامسونج

Internship Description

 Life Makers Foundation joins forces with Samsung Electronics Egypt to launch Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) for its 2nd round in Egypt. Under Samsung's Corporate Citizenship Vision of Enabling People, the training program will provide selected youth with entry level knowledge and skills in programming to prepare young generation adopting to the requirements of the 4th industrial revolution. 

Samsung Innovation Campus offers young people, aged 17 – 21 years old, the opportunity to enhance their employment prospects and gain a practical education in technologies through classroom learning that can lead to official certifications.

Basic Course Information

Learning methodology: Online learning process that focuses on self-paced videos, online reading, group discussions, live orientation sessions and capstone project

Learning Materials: on-demand videos, online discussions, live events, interactive  text resources, handbook/kit (Scratch kit and Arduino kit) will be provided.

Programme's outline

SIC  training program is on basic programming and robotics concepts. the program is divided into seven chapters each with the different learning objective, as follow:

Chapter 1: Scratch 1

Learning Objective: Improved creativity, expressive power, basic logic, learn the Fundamental Principles of Programming through Digital Storytelling.

Chapter 2: Scratch 2

Learning Objective: Improved creativity, expressive power, basic logic

Chapter 3: Scratch 3

Learning Objective: Improved creativity, expressive power, basic logic, learn to apply programming to various subjects such as math, science, art, and music.

Chapter 4: Rurple

Learning Objective: Increase problem-solving ability under limited conditions

Chapter 5: C Programming

Learning Objective: Learn and practice logic, structural thinking, computing principles, algorithm

Chapter 6: Arduino

Learning Objective: Enhancement of comprehensive ability in various fields such as software, hardware

Chapter 7: Algorithm Problem Solving Basic

Learning Objective: Build the basics of algorithms and learn how to apply them to real tasks. Understand the basic data structures and Enhance developers’ capability to solve software algorithm problems.

Eligibility Criteria, applicants must have the following:

  • Youth (age 17 -21) interested in pursuing a career in Programming, who need the appropriate education for the career
  • Good command of English and computer skills
  • For those under 18, the consent of the caregivers/ parents is mandatory.
  • Interest in Programming and ability to commit to the training programme throughout the duration of its implementation. 


This intake of the program will take place online through interactive E-learning platforms that offers, self-paced learning modules, group projects and live sessions.

This application is the first step of three-steps selection process. Only a short list of applicants will be provided an access to this learning opportunity.


The course is expected will start in July and is expected to run up to 6 weeks based on the course schedule, three times a week