Alexbank Summer Internship التدريب الصيفى في بنك الاسكندرية

Alexbank Summer Internship التدريب الصيفى في بنك الاسكندرية

Internship Description

Alexbank Virtual Summer Internship Program - LEAP 2022

Ladies and gentlemen! We would like to proudly announce LEAP 2022 Virtual Summer Internship Program that will take place throughout the Month of August.
At Alexbank we strive to always deliver the best educational and practical experiences. This stems from our belief that strong, impactful knowledge, education as well as experiences can always provide powerful competitive edge that would help you flourish in your career journey. And this is what we at ALEXBANK always aim to provide for our Future generation.

LEAP Internship Program

  • LEAP 2022, will be all about Diversity & Inclusion. For an integral component for the success of any sustainable business is the ability to embrace diverse communities and the unique voices they support. Embracing Diversity and encouraging inclusion opens up spaces for creativity, innovation and helps develop a sense of belonging, support and acceptance which in turn drives huge Success.
  • The Internship will include 6 main pillars aimed to take students through a whole new experience, from interpersonal skills sessions. to team projects and engaging activities all of which will prepare the interns for their professional career journey. Not to mention that ALEXBANK managers and experts will coach the interns to gain exposure, share their experiences and diverse knowledge to give a taste of what's it like in the practical career life.

Internship Requirements

  • University Students with no previous internships in Alexbank.
  • Majors: Business Administration - Accounting - Finance - Economics - Information Systems.
  • Students in their 3rd academic year.
  • Grade Excellent or Very good in the 2nd academic year.
  • Very good command of written and spoken English language.
  • Willingness to learn and eagerness to understand professional life and business environment.
  • Ability to work on projects and committing to deadlines.

Other Requirements

  • You have a linkedin profile, if you don't have, please go to and create your own linkedin profile.
  • You need to have Gmail account to be used in order to communicate with training team.
  • Valid national ID and (for the accepted students) Certificate of enrollment shows last year grade.
  • Please ensure proper internet connection.