ADES Winter Internship Program

ADES Winter Internship Program

Internship Description 

We are pleased to announce launching our first Winter Internship Program WIP'22. Because ADES believes in the importance of developing the youth into becoming future leaders and ready-made pipeline for the company.

WIP will be launched in Egypt & HQ on 1 Round in February. 

Don’t miss to apply before 11th Of January.

Benefits and Offers

WIP will offer both Practical and Academic projects through online sessions learning and offline visits.

Internship Requirements

WIP’22 is offering a range of training-available different departments as following:

Operations: Petroleum Engineering, 3rd Garde.

Assets & Maintenance : Engineering - Mechanical and Electrical, 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade.

HSE :Engineering and Faculty of Science.

P&O :Business Administration or any related field, 1st & 2nd Grade.

Supply Chain : Engineering Business/ Logistics or any Related field, 4th & 5th Grade.

Engineering & projects: Engineering Cairo Ain Shams-Marine Alexandria University. 4th Grade.

Assets & Maintenance: Engineering - Mechanical and Electrical, 3, 4th & 5th Grade.

Supply Chain: Engineering Business/ Logistics or any Related field, 4 & 5 Grade.

Quality: Business Administration- Preferred Data Analysis knowledge.

HSE:  Engineering and Faculty of Science.

Commercial: Petroleum Engineering, AUC or GUC.

Finance: Business - Accounting Major (English Program).