Waffarha summer internship program

Waffarha summer internship program

About This Company

Where did the idea for waffarha.com come from?
By nature, we are buyers of every need and anything... So there is not a time when we heard the word price without thinking that the price will always be big and high... And because not once did anyone ask about the price of a thing and when he heard it he said “just like that” - and this is on the basis that the price is extremely small It's unbelievable - for many people, the issue of price has become a hallmark and a staple of their shopping list; So the search journey begins at the lowest price and the best quality for each need, from the first and smallest things that start from 5 and 10 pounds, until travel and special trips, or even the joy of the night of life, which often remains the most expensive thing and the most reckless need for which a lot of money is paid in vain.. Therefore, most of us remain without trust and love. An adventure, especially with the new places and services that he has not tried and does not know the average prices, whether they are next to his house or a little far away.
What was the solution?

Internship Description

For students and recent graduates who are eager to pursue a career in accounting, we have great news! Waffarha offers a summer training program 2023 that gives you practical and practical experience in the field of accounting. If you are interested in applying for this exciting opportunity, the time has come to gain experience in the field of accounting at the hands of trained and qualified staff.

Internship Requirements

  • For students and recent graduates
  • Good communication skills
  • Not specified college specific
  • All colleges related to the field of accounting
  • Passionate and has the ability to learn
  • The training period is from August 6 to October 31

Internship Details

Company: Waffarha
Employment Type: Internship
Location: Cairo, Egypt