ElAraby Group Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي في العربي جروب لعام 2024

ElAraby Group Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي في العربي جروب لعام 2024

About This Company

Since its establishment in 1964, ELARABY has grown from a joint stock family enterprise to one of the largest industrial and commercial corporations in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. ELARABY operates through 16 commercial, industrial, medical, and service companies, in four different governorates with 35 industrial facilities, and 2 hospitals. In 2020, ELARABY’s workforce exceeded 40,000 employees. ELARABY’s brand portfolio consists of 17 global brands with 25 product categories and more than 4,000 variations. With regards to the domestic and international markets, ELARABY’s figures continue to grow by exporting to over 60 countries across the globe.

Internship Description

As part of one of ELARABY’s prime role related to investing in youth development, we’re announcing the internships initiation in the following business specialty “Digital Marketing - Corporate Research - Digital Solutions - Activation - Customer Experience"

Internship Requirements

  • Age between 19 and 23 years old/undergrads only.
  • College Degree: Juniors or Seniors college students are welcomed to apply.
  • Having Parental approval and legal contract sign-off shall be needed.
  • Internship Experience tracking ( Video shooting- Photographing) shall be needed.

Internship Details

Company: ElAraby Group
Employment Type: Internship
Location: Online / Offline in ELARABY business headquarter in Salah Salem.