EGBANK Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي في البنك المصري الخليجي

EGBANK Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي في البنك المصري الخليجي

About This Company

Driven by a vision to cultivate a vibrant and youth-centric experience since 1981, we operate with four core values at our heart. "Youth First" guides our every step, ensuring we prioritize the needs and aspirations of the younger generation, fostering an environment that fuels creativity and paves the way for a brighter future. Our "Passionate Team" is dedicated to customer satisfaction, continuously innovating and evolving to deliver exceptional experiences for our partners, investors, and ourselves. Recognizing the dynamic nature of our industry, we embrace "Futuristic Thinking," actively seeking strategic partnerships to expand our reach and impact. Finally, an "Entrepreneurial Spirit" permeates our culture, encouraging us to challenge the status quo and discover innovative solutions that empower both our internal team and external collaborators. This unique blend of focus, dedication, and forward-thinking spirit allows us to create a truly dynamic and youth-centered experience.

Internship Description

EGBANK is excited to announce the opening of its Summer Internship Program 2024, offering opportunities for interns in various bank divisions. Join us to gain valuable hands-on experience in a professional environment and learn from industry experts.
Internship periods: July 2024 , August 2024.

Internship Requirements

  • University students in their first, second, third, or fourth year.
  • Finance
  • Civil Engineering
  • Economics
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Administration