Al-Futtaim Egypt Careers | Customer Service

Al-Futtaim Egypt Careers | Customer Service

Job Description

To operate the Exchange & Refund Desk in the store in day to day function. It is the overall responsibility of the JH to take decisions regarding any exchange or refund, and solve any problems so as to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied when he/she leaves the store.

Job Responsibilities

  • To be able to use their judgment to handle specific problems with common sense, thereby ensuring a satisfied customer who will come back. Thus, by providing excellent customer service the JH guides his team in using the opportunity to regain potentially lost customers.
  • Handle customer in positive and fair manner as they have an important role in regaining potentially lost customers.
  • To be responsible in handling returns and exchange issues. Based on his/her judgment, experience and authority given by the management the JH may make exceptions with the purpose of retaining a customer or redressed of genuine grievance.
  • To be involved in the training and development and looks after all aspects that affects their day to day performance and is responsible for their annual appraisal.
  • To use the information from Returns& Exchange desk to detect and act upon or report to the management about a product fault, safety problem or transportation problem
  • Prepare daily / weekly / monthly reports of transactions at the returns & Exchange desk. The data is used to reconciling with the cash till as well as the accounts for the period of the report. The data is also important for analysing trends on sales and profitability and performance of the store.

Job Qualifications

  • Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge:
  • High School/Trade School Graduate.
  • Minimum Experience
  • 1-2 years in a similar role or Customer Service
  • Customer Focussed
  • Individual Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Personal Leadership