Commission Senior Accountant at vodafone

Commission Senior Accountant at vodafone

Job Description

The Finance Services Specialist focuses upon the provision of advice and accurate and timely processing of all financial transactions and maintenance and monitoring of controls, within a shared services environment. The Finance Services Specialist has a good understanding of concepts and procedures within the finance services function through extensive practical experience and provides transactional processing for multiple business units, related to maintaining financial statements/records, processing payments and ensuring accuracy and the maintenance of financial databases where necessary.Typically reports to the Finance Services Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Demonstrates a good understanding of procedures and concepts through extensive experience and advices on and delivers financial transactional activities (e.g preparation, verification and analysis of accounts payables/receivables);
  • Supports the team to deliver activities related, but not limited to processing, recording, classification, consolidation and interpretation of Vodafone financials;
  • Maintains financial statements/records, and payments and ensures the financial systems are updated accurately;
  • Uses communication skills to exchange ideas and information in a concise and logical way to support delivery of transactional processing;
  • Effectively interacts with colleagues executing transactional processing activities where their work activities are closely related;
  • Has a good understanding of tariff structures, business transactions and customer billing areas;
  • Uses judgement based on analysis of factual information to identify and select solutions to resolve problems;
  • Performs other job-related duties or tasks defined by the supervisor or resulting from assigned agendas.


  • Financial Reporting
  • GAAP Application
  • Accounting - FinOps
  • Regulations Maintenance
  • Business Model Impact

Job Details

  • Company: Vodafone
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Location : Cairo,Egypt