General Motors Summer Internship


General Motors Summer Internship

Internship Description

HR – GBS Intern 

  • Handle all intern attendance and program
  • Help with the monthly trainings for hourly and salaried
  • Work on updating all employees files labels to have them all coded with same code as there is no consistency in this one.
  • Archiving all old unused excel sheets on our shared folder of the used cars prog. mainly to ensure we are only keeping those needed.
  • Help in the Sale Of Used Cars Prog. in case it exists
  • Scan new hires docs to upload them on WorkDay
  • Preparing new hires files and paper work
  • Helping on exploring benefits to be provided to GM employees

HR- Personnel Intern

  • Support for the new project of Update the hourly personnel files and their data base

GPSC - Indirect Purchasing

  • Filing, admin work & update our suppliers' database

GPSC - Material Handling

  • Complete LMS measure and consolidate in PFEP
  • Data collection for GMOS
  • Complete layout for Flow Planner
  • Indirect Material PFEP

GPSC - Direct Purchasing

  • Data Analysis
  • Time study at supplier site

GPSC – BPC/BP/PPM & Local Content

  • Data Analysis
  • Program Planning
  • IDA approval cycle

GPSC Financial Management Process/Cycle

  • GPSC - Supply Chain
  • Window delivery tracking.
  • Imported material / Sub-Kd tracking.
  • Daily Management System for SC/Logistics operation.

Finance:  Internal Control

  • Creating flow chart for every process project.
  • Support the development of training materials on global policies’ requirements.

Finance: Payables, Receivables and costing 

During the internship period candidate will support in the following:

  • Selling the vehicles to the Dealers
  • Prepares the payments to the suppliers
  • Document cycle counts of inventory posted to the system
  • Prepares the required documents for ant legal and tax audit inspections.
  • Document trade receivables reconciliations to submit on Hyperion
  • Review scrap shippers and follow up on scrap customer’s balances
  • Monitor AP control accounts to maintain accurate liability recording
  • Analyze spare parts sales month over month.
  • Support the team in the Ad-HOCs
  • Clean-up vendor and customer master records

After Sales

  • Support in preparing some Training materials, (Technical).
  • Support in preparing Quiz/Exam for the coming certification progress program, ENTRY Level and Bronze Level.
  • Help in the Transformer event.
  • Support developing technical reports.
  • Support for supplier recovery, I-CARE tracking
  • Parts market Study survey.
Engineering: Mechanical Engineers

  • Study engineering STDs and make benchmarking studies
  • Will run some surveys with Governmental labs and universities
  • Will create some 2D and 3D CAD files

Special requirements

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Final year or recently graduated
  • Able to create CAD files

Internship Requirements

  • Completed 2 full years in reputable university & Fresh graduates are also eligible to participate in the program
  • Able to set priorities and deliver what you commit to.
  • Able to learn on the job in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Good interpersonal skills to persuade, influence and adapt communication style to different situations and individuals.
  • Medical coverage is a must.
  • Good commands of English language.
  • Good commands in MS office.

Internship Details

  • Company: General Motors
  • Employment Type: Internship
  • Location : Egypt

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General Motors Summer Internship
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