Online Seminar Series by Frankfurt School and GIZ

Online Seminar Series by Frankfurt School and GIZ

Enhancing SME Digital Lending in Egypt through Credit Scoring Masterclass

An online seminar series by GIZ and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Successful banks and financial institutions of the 21st century have understood the importance of data for their business operations. GIZ Egypt and Frankfurt School are targeting this by providing a high-profile webinars series, which aims to provide knowledge transfer on advanced Credit Scoring, data analytics, in particular machine-learning algorithms to develop predictive models. Demonstrated on automated customer scoring the concepts will be explained and shown in very detail and could be used for many other analytical tasks.

Besides, the course conveys approaches to obtain relevant Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) data and consider that in automated scoring models to obtain weighted scores, assess environmental risks and simplify ESG reporting. The series will be delivered online in a combination of lectures and case studies.

Session Topic

Module One - Credit Scoring Model Principles

Module Two - Strategic Data Development

Module Three - Model Development

Module Four - Model Implementation

Module Five - Relevant Regulations & International Standards (Special focus topic)

Module Six - Agricultural Finance (Speical focus topic)

Module Seven - The Way Forward

Module Eight - Advanced Machine Learning

How to Apply

Participants who attend more than 70% of the sessions will receive a certificate of attendance.

In addition, there will be the option to prove your knowledge by a masterclass at the end of the course. If you pass the exam, you will receive an extra certificate issued by Frankfurt School.

Register to the webinar series delivered online by Frankfurt

School of Finance & Management starting mid-October.