Mashreq Bank Careers | Authorization Officer

Mashreq Bank Careers | Authorization Officer

Job Description

To look after all International / MB cardholders charge approval request from merchants.

To provide assistance to merchants in their terminal problems by instructing them some steps, monitor and coordinate authorization unit staff activities.

Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Processing manual authorization for MB / International cards, conveying response accordingly in order to allow merchants to accept or refuse the charge.
  • Hot listing lost / stolen cards preventing from chances of fraudulently transactions.
  • Activating, pin initializing for Credit / Electron cards to allow cardholder to use his card.
  • Advising other banks to release CH blocked amounts which merchant doesn’t have claim on.
  • Solving merchants POS terminals problems so that they can use terminals again, routing the calls to MSU if terminal to be replaced.
  • Processing pickup cards and issuing rewards for the merchants that recovered pick up cards according to the Visa rules and regulations and recovering handling / reward fee from other issuers.
  • Recovering telex charges for telex made to other issuer for their cardholders problem / transaction requests.
  • Receiving ATM captured cards from CPS and sending to branches to return the cardholder.
  • Creating MDC tape containing all data of transactions of merchants to interchange data with Visa / MasterCard, similarly sending Visa incoming advise to A-12 to process

Job Requirements

  • Business Graduate.
  • Smart, communication skills, good listener, should have patience, computer literate (MS Word, MS Excel).
  • Experience required but not specifically with bank, with any organization specially customer services side or in communication side.