Tarek Nour Communications Summer Internship

Tarek Nour Communications Summer Internship

Internship Description

We’re excited to announce that our summer internship program is back! This is a great opportunity to help shape your future path and discover your true self.
We know that exploration is essential to defining your true self. Our internships are designed for college students who are filled to the brim with opportunity and are looking to gain experience prior to and post-graduation. Our goal is to give you the tools and resources that allow you to shape the career of your dreams.

Internship Requirements

  • Junior and senior college students looking to learn and gain experience
  • 1 month internship in July, August, or September

Internship Details

Company: Tarek Nour Communications
Employment Type: Internship
Deadline: 28/5/2023
Location: 18 Nawal Street - Agouza

How to Apply

The steps are simple. Make sure to send an email before the deadline to careers@tareknour.com with the subject ‘TNC Summer Internship’ and include the following:
-Your CV
-A short paragraph and a 1 min video introducing yourself and your passions
-Two recommendation letters (Could be from your professors, previous work boss, or a mentor)
-Mention your preferred month (July, August, or September)