Landmark Management Partner Summer Internship

Landmark Management Partner Summer Internship

Internship Description 

As part of its mission to support individuals to grow and realize their potential, Landmark Management Partner is pleased to invite the pharmacy students to its internship program summer of 2022.
Within this program, students will discover themselves before going to the labor market and will have the opportunity after graduation to find the appropriate job that match their skills 

Benefits and Offers

Students will receive training from pharma experts on:
  • Marketing and sales fundamentals in the pharmaceutical field
  • Communication skills
  • Selling skills
  • Students will get the real-life working experience while performing the assigned task
  • Students who will successfully complete the program will get certificate from Landmark Management Partner 

Internship Requirements

  • Pharmacy students allover Egypt can apply to the internship, preferably in the last grade. Recent graduates are also welcomed 
  • Students with good presentation and selling skills 
  • Students who aspire to work in sales and marketing positions in pharmaceutical companies 

Internship Details

Company: Landmark Management Partner
Employment Type: Internship
Location: New Maadi, Cairo