Beacon FinTrain Summer Internship Program

Beacon FinTrain Summer Internship Program

About This Company

Beacon FinTrain has built an enviable reputation world-wide with Integrity, Customer-centric, Team Effectiveness, and Accountability. This all along with continual trust to deliver exceptional Financial Trainings, providing succeeding quality assured training and workshops. With a proven track record of world-class Financial Trainings for more than 15 years, Beacon has ‘The Ideal Financial Lecturer’ for many leading organizations, either for developing its employees or consulting its financial records.

Internship Description

Calling for all undergraduates and fresh graduates!
Beacon FinTrain is pleased to announce internship program for graduates and undergraduates ( 3rd and 4th Years ) . The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience, while also learning from experienced professionals.
Interns will have the opportunity to:
- Work on real-world projects
- Learn from experienced professionals
- Gain valuable skills and experience
- Build their network

How to Apply

If you are interested send your resume to