Central Bank Of Egypt CBE Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي في البنك المركزي المصري

Central Bank Of Egypt CBE Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي في البنك المركزي المصري

Internship Description

  • CBE in a Nutshell: Interns will get the opportunity to know more about CBE's fundamental role and the functions of CBE sectors through an introductory orientation
  • Specialized Tracks: The program is designed into different tracks. HR Sector will assign each intern to a track based on his/her specialization &interest.
  • Career Coaching: Career Coaching provided by Certified Career Coach to facilitate interns’ career exploration & help them target the right career that best fit their skills & interests.
  • Ceremony: A ceremony will be held to celebrate the completion of the program and award the best performing interns

Internship Requirements

  • Applicants must hold the Egyptian Nationality
  • Applicants must be students who are moving to their final year in one of authorized universities from the Supreme Council of Universities & pursuing a bachelor's degree in one of the following majors:
  • Business Administration / Commerce (Specialization: Accounting – Finance – Human Resources) - Business Informatics - Economics - Computer Science - Data Science -Actuarial Science - Mathematics - Engineering (Specialization: Communication - Computer - Electrical "Power" - Construction - Mechanical) - Law.
  • Cumulative GPA is equivalent to minimum grade “Very Good” or minimum grade “Very Good” for each year separately.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to prepare the below documents to be submitted upon request:
- Enrollment certificate (year and grade must be mentioned) - In case accumulative grade is - not clear in the enrollment certificate, transcript should be submitted.
- CV
- Copy of National ID.